Legal Recruiters

As you embark on a potential Biglaw associate job search, you may wonder whether you should enlist the services of a professional attorney recruiter. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing whether to utilize a legal recruiter and when selecting a specific legal recruiter.

Access to Nationwide Data and Hiring Trends

Over the last few years, the pay gap between top-tier law firms and mid-tier law firms has widened. While there are still many desirable mid-tier law firms that can offer competitive pay with potentially more favorable work-life balance, many attorneys are currently focused on obtaining higher paid jobs at top-tier firms. Every law firm has a different hiring process and different in-house recruiting contacts. It can be overwhelming for a candidate to efficiently research available opportunities on the market and handle the correspondence and lengthy application process necessary to make multiple submissions.

The Big Law Hire network of recruiters focuses on the Am Law 100 market exclusively. We're consistently monitoring and tracking the hiring needs of the top-tier firms so that we can help our associates find top-dollar opportunities at firms which align with their goals. If you are interested in smaller regional boutiques, we can always connect you with a local recruiter in our network to provide you more targeted support.

Industry Knowledge and Advice

It's important to work with a recruiter who you trust. We are constantly polling associates at Biglaw firms to stay current on each firms' strengths and weaknesses so we can answer any questions our associates ask us. Depending on your wants and needs, we may recommend certain law firms and advise against other law firms. Ultimately, the decision is yours but we will not shy away from providing you our honest advice. Our philosophy is that every associate should have all available information before making their decision. It is common for us to contact 10+ law firms on behalf of an associate so they can review their options and make a fully informed decision.

Interview and Resume Guidance

Perhaps the most stressful part of a job search is the actual interview process. But remember, law firms are ran by busy attorneys. If a law firm chooses to clear hours of their time (which equates to thousands of dollars) to interview you, you should be confident that there is a great chance that you will get an offer. So remember to go into your interview confident. That being said, our team can prep you and review and edit your resume, to help you have that extra confidence heading into your interviews. We are always chatting with current Biglaw associates, partners, and hiring staff to stay up to speed on what firms are looking for.

Availability and Convenience

As an attorney, your most valuable asset is time. We understand that most attorneys who are undertaking a job search are doing so in their spare time while they still work full-time at their current law firm. That's why we assign you a lead recruiter, but we also have a team working to assist. Our recruiters are available early mornings, nights, and weekends to assist on your schedule. You can reach our recruiters by text, phone, email, zoom, or the chat box on our site below. We pride ourselves on client service and we always work hard to keep our associates happy. Our platform is set up to streamline the application process, so that our candidates can apply to as many positions as they'd like fast and easy.

Remember, all legal recruiters should work free for the job seeker. Recruiters are paid fees by law firms for successful placements. Our recruiters value your business, and take pride in helping associates find long-term fits.